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Technology Resources

K-State Online

K-State Online powered by Canvas is the online learning environment for Kansas State University. K-State Online provides integration with KSIS for course and final grade management, a variety of tools and services to connect student and instructors with the variety of options on the web, mobile apps and mobile browser support, as well as the tools and communication options that instructors, staff and students need.

K-State Online gives students access to:

  • View course lectures and materials
  • Download files provided by the instructor
  • Upload documents and assignments in various media formats
  • Participate in chat groups with a white board and message boards
  • Be a part of a student group within their particular class
  • View grades and progress reports
  • Communicate with instructor via email

K-State Online can also be accessed directly from the K-State home page under the sign in drop down menu on the top right side of the page underneath the search bar.

K-State Online Help and FAQs (PDF)


 Technology Needs for Distance Students (PDF)

Note: All students are required to purchase their own Swivl device
for the field-based courses.

photo of a Swivl robotic deviceSwivl is a robotic device used to transform field experiences and university supervision. Swivl connects seamlessly to your tablet or smartphone turning it into an automated video solution, which follows you and records as you teach and interact in the classroom. Swivl comes with a one-click remote which can be worn or held. The remote features a built in microphone used to capture your voice.

Swivl is used to:

  • Document classroom experience
  • Allow university supervisors to give specific feedback for professional development
  • Engage in conversations about your practice with your university supervisor
  • Reflect upon your own practice by watching your Swivl videos
  • Collaborate, connect, and converse with your university supervisor

photo of a Swivl device being used in a classroom

Swivl App

The Swivl application is available as a free download for iOS and Android.

This application is Swivl’s hub for content management. Using the application students will capture video, upload it to the Swivl cloud, and utilize the video commenting to communicate and interact with University Supervisors.


Zoom is a video conferencing system which allows distance students to collaborate in group meetings as well as participate in class discussions. Zoom combines video conference with content sharing and group messaging to create one simple to use platform. Anyone in the world can join a Zoom meeting, but only a host can start/schedule meetings.

Sign in to your K-State Zoom account with your K-State eID and password

Using Zoom Handout (PDF)

Points of Contact

Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Dr. Thomas S. Vontz
Professor and Director
203 Bluemont Hall

Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Programs

Dr. Kay Ann Taylor
Associate Professor and 
Graduate Program Coordinator
228 Bluemont Hall

College of Education
Field Experiences

Dr. David Allen
Associate Professor and
Director, Office of Field Experiences
246 Bluemont Hall

Department of Curriculum
and Instruction

Dr. F. Todd Goodson
Associate Professor and
Department Chair
261 Bluemont Hall

Global Campus Program

Rosemary Boggs
College of Education
Academic Program Coordinator

K-State Global Campus

1615 Anderson Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502
1-800-622-2578 (toll free)

Kansas State University
Graduate School

103 Fairchild Hall
800-651-1816 (toll free)