Purpose and Philosophy

KCAT/TLC is an organization of university faculty, who are dedicated to the high-quality professional development of school and university educators for the increasing diversity and complexity of today’s classroom. Professional development, as provided by KCAT/TLC is especially differentiated for increasing cultural and linguistic diversity in today’s schools and organizations.

• Through the CLASSIC© Program Model, KCAT/TLC already provides differentiated professional development for course credit to educators representing more than 90 diverse schools in 5 U.S. states. The success of this program model has been regionally and nationally recognized by East Carolina University, (Innovation in Teacher Education Award, 2008), Kansas State University (Outstanding Unit Award, 2003) and the Office of English Language Acquisition of the United States Department of Education (Special Recognition for Project Efficacy: Project ALCANCE, 2002; Project, New Horizons, 2006; Project CARE, 2006; and Project SOAR, 2008). To date, the CLASSIC© Program has served the site-specific, professional development needs of over 13,000 school and district educators.

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• KCAT/TLC also offers new opportunities for teachers and schools through its Power-Added Professional Development© program.
Power-Added Professional Development© reflects our philosophy that not just ESL teachers, but regular, grade-level teachers benefit from differentiated training for ELL student assets, issues and needs. ESL pullout is no longer essential or, in many cases, practical to the success of CLD, especially ELL students in schools. Instead grade-level teachers hold the capacity to appropriately adapt, shelter, and enhance their curricula and practices for a rapidly changing and increasingly diversified classroom landscape. Professional development associated with Power-Added Professional Development© is specifically designed to enhance this capacity among these educators and to improve academic achievement among their students.

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• Ultimately, the curricula of all professional development offered by KCAT/TLC is standards-based and is intentionally and systematically designed to prepare target clients with an outstanding knowledge base in cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as a skills base that will best enhance their effectiveness in diverse, professional environments. Professionals who pursue KCAT/TLC, course-based, professional development are best prepared for the ESL Content-Area Test, of the Praxis II Examination (ETS, 2009). KCAT/TLC professional development curricula have been variously aligned with the following professional standards: TESOL/NCATE, NBPTS, and GWU Guiding Principles (George Washington University). Professional development for course credit in ESL has been refined to target the core knowledge and skills necessary for effective practice with CLD/ELL students as measured by the Praxis II. Participating school educators of KCAT/TLC programs who sat for the Praxis II, passed that examination at the rate of 100% (n=115) in 2006/2007 and 90% (n=165) in 2007/2008.

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