Standards Based Curricula

CLASSIC©: Course content for the CLASSIC © Program has been aligned with nationally recognized standards for best practice with CLD/ELL students. The table to follow is one example that demonstrates the ways in which (for one exemplary standard) selected CLASSIC© curricula (in this case, that for ESL Linguistics) have been aligned with standards for appropriatele and mutually accommodative practice with these students.

Power-Added Professional Development© : In like manner, key objectives of Power-Added Professiona Development© offered by KCAT/TLC have been commensurately aligned with appropriate standards of best practice with CLD/ELL students. Such alignments best ensure that the approaches, methods, strategies, and techniques emphasized by Power-Added Professional Development© are theory-driven, research-supported, and yet, practical to the culturally and linguistically diverse classroom.

Celebrating the Ten-Year Anniversary of CLASSIC©