Books on Sustainability in Education

147 Tips for Teaching Sustainability: Connecting the Environment, the Economy, and Society. William M. Timpson, Brian Dunbar, Gailmarie Kimmel, Brett Bruyere, Peter Newman, and Hillary Mizia. Atwood Publications. (2006).

Agenda 21: Earth's Action Plan: Annotated. Commission on Environmental Law and Nicholas A. Robinson (editor). International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. Oceana Publications. (1993).

A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. Daniel H. Pink. Riverhead Books. (2006).

Earth in Mind: On Education, Environment, and the Human Prospect. David W. Orr. Island Press. (2004).

Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World (The Bioneers Series). David W. Orr. Sierra Club Books. (2005).

Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea. Alice Waters. Chronicle Books. (2008).

Greening the College Curriculum: A Guide to Environmental Teaching in the Liberal Arts. Jonathan Collett (editor). Island Press. (1995).

Higher Education and the Challenge of Sustainability; Problematics, Promise, and Practice. Peter Blaze Corcoran and Arjen E. J. Wals (editors). Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. (2004).

Into the Field: A Guide to Locally Focused Teaching (Nature Literacy Series Vol. 3).
Clare Walker Leslie, John Tallmadge, and Tom Wessels. Orion Society. (2005).

The Natural Step: A Framework for Achieving Sustainability in Our Organizations.
Karl-Henrik Robert. Pegasus Communications, Inc. (1997).

Our Common Future. World Commission on Environment and Development. Oxford University Press. (1987).

Planet U: Sustaining the World, Reinventing the University. Michael M'Gonigle and Justine Starke. New Society Publishers. (2006).

Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool, K-8. Herbert W. Broda. Stenhouse Publishers. (2007).

Skills for Sustainable Development. Sir John Egan. London: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. (2004).

Smart by Nature: Schooling for Sustainability. MIchael K. Stone, Center for Ecoliteracy. University of California Press. (2009).

The Sustainability Handbook for Design and Technology Teachers. Centre for Alternative Technology and Practical Action Publishing. (2008).

Sustainability on Campus: Stories and Strategies for Change. Peggy F. Barlett and Geoffrey W. Chase (editors). The MIT Press. (2004).

The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift. Andres R. Edwards.
New Society Publishers. (2005).

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