Environmental Awareness Lesson Plans

Our students in the College of Education– both elementary and secondary– create and implement many lessons during their professional development with us. Many are concerned about Earth matters and have ideas about how to infuse their lessons with environmental awareness. Students from K-State and other schools are encouraged to submit lesson[s] to this web site for online publication. For more information or to submit, contact Mary Hammel.

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Keeping Our Neighborhood Healthy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle [pdf]
    [3rd grade Environmental Science]
    Created by Maria Eisenbise
    Students will demonstrate personal health and environmental practices, an
    awareness of changes in the environment, and personal actions to solve pollution
    problems in and around their neighborhood.


Five Themes of Geography [Human-Environment Interaction] [pdf]
    [7th grade Social Studies]
    Created by Katie Friesen
    How have the populations surrounding Lake Mead used it to satisfy their human
    needs? What is the significance of the populations that surround Lake Mead and
    what is happening to the lake?

Potato Stamps [pdf]
    [7th grade Family and Consumer Sciences]
    Created by Molly Barnicle
    This lesson is not only fun, but creates a bond between the parent and child.
    Attachment is one of the most important aspects in a child’s life growing up.
    Television and video games are such an easy way for parents to lose that quality
    time with their children. Activities such as potato stamping sway away from
    electronics and allow for a relationship to form. These activities are the ones that
    children will remember when grown up.

Erosion and Deposition by Running Water [pdf]
    [8th grade Earth Science]
    Created by Kate Ireton
    Students will develop an understanding of energy in the earth system, geochemical
    cycles, the formation and organization of the earth system, the dynamics of the
    earth/moon/sun system, and the organization and development of the universe.

Keystones, Neither Keys Nor Stones [pdf]
    [8th grade Science]
    Created by Aaron Vernon
    Students will understand the concept of a keystone species [a species whose loss
    from an ecosystem would cause a greater than average change in diversity or
    abundance of other species or community structure] and the importance of the
    species within an ecosystem.

Alphabetical Resources: Limited or Otherwise
    [Secondary Science/Social Studies]
    Created by Tyler Fennema
    A collection of alphabetical resources related to the environment. This is a
    multimedia slide show hosted on a website called VoiceThread.