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College of Education

College of Education
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Our Partnerships

Our College maintains partnerships with a variety of educational constituencies:

Professional Development Schools logo

Professional Development Schools

The PDS Partnership is a collaboration between the K-State College of Education almost 40 schools dedicated to preparing and developing teachers and improving teaching and learning

Kansas Educational Leadership Institute logoKansas Educational Leadership Institute

The Kansas Educational Leadership Institute is a partnership among Kansas State University, Kansas State Department of Education, Kansas Association of School Boards, United School Administrators of Kansas, Kansas School Superintendents Association, and the Kansas Leadership Center to provide advanced leadership development and mentoring for educational leaders

Council for Public School Improvement logoCouncil for Public School Improvement

CPSI focuses on enhancing effectiveness of instruction and increasing student achievement through targeted professional development

National Academic Advising Association logo

NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising

NACADA seeks to enhance the development of students in higher education through effective academic advising

Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom logo

Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

The Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom networks agricultural resources to classrooms through hands-on ideas integrating topics using all curriculum subjects

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum logo

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Partnership

The College of Education has a partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, focusing on the history of Negro Leagues baseball

Schools for Quality Education logo

Schools for Quality Education

SQE gives identity, voice, and exposure to the particular quality of rural schools, pursues the quality of excellence in education, and enhances the quality of life in the rural community