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College of Education

College of Education
006 Bluemont Hall
1114 Mid-Campus Drive North
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

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Dr. David Allen
Director of Field Experiences

Portfolio Handbooks and Forms

Early Field Experience

Teacher Aide Handbook for EDEL/EDSEC 230 Early Field Experience (PDF)
Early Field Experience Cooperating Teacher Handbook (PDF)

Student Intern

Student Intern Portfolio Handbook (PDF)
Student Intern Portfolio Templates (Word)
Student Intern Portfolio Assessment Rubrics (Word)
Student Teacher Observation Form (Word)
Mid-Term Evaluation Form (Word)
Score Sheet (PDF)

Secondary Education

Block 2 Portfolio Handbook (PDF)
Block 2 Portfolio Handbook Rubrics (Word)
Block 2 Portfolio Handbook Templates (Word)

Block 2 Score Sheet (Excel)
Block 2 Evidence Feedback Form (Word)
Block 2 Professional Progress Form (Word)
Block 2 Final Field Experience Evaluation (Word)

Elementary Education

Block B Practicum Handbook (PDF)

Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor Lesson Observation Form (PDF)

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