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Dr. Todd Goodson


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The Art of Online Teaching and Remote Learning Summer Workshop

Maximizing Teaching and Learning in the Digital Setting

June 8 – July 16, 2020 – 9 credit hours

The Art of Online Teaching and Remote Learning workshop is a 6-week online course designed to prepare teachers, pre-service teachers, technology coaches, administrators, and other education personnel to manage the technology, logistics, pedagogy, and underlying issues at the heart of the new normal of teaching in response to COVID-19. The summer workshop will include three three-hour courses and will be treated as one 9-hour block. The following courses are included:

  • EDCI 505 – Introduction to Online Teaching
  • EDCI 506 – Online Instructional Design and Development I
  • EDCI 507 – Online Instructional Design and Development II

These courses are also part of a 4-course, 12-hour K-12 Online Teaching Certificate program. Individuals wishing to pursue the certificate may want to complete a 3-hour practicum in their school during the fall 2020 semester. Note: The 9 credit hours earned as part of this workshop will not transfer over to a Masters program in Curriculum and Instruction at Kansas State University. Depending on your district, these hours could be used for professional development points, or moving over on the pay scale.

The workshop will cover current relevant issues related to online teaching and remote learning including, but not limited to:

  • Preparing to Teach Online
  • Online Tools for Teaching and Learning
  • Online Teaching Strategies
  • Content Creation
  • Designing Materials
  • Equity for all students

Beginning March 2020, lives were altered. Educators and schools were no exception. School systems and teachers have met this unprecedented challenge with relentless work and creativity to meet the needs of their students. Now is the time to step back and take stock of where we are and where we want to be when schools start in the fall. The current threat to our public health will end at some point, but what we have learned that meeting the needs of our students will continue to affect the way we teach and the way students learn.

Online Registration

To get started:
  1. Apply for the Scholarship
  2. Set up your eID before you enroll – go to https://signin.k-state.edu/WebISO/login
  3. Apply to enroll
  4. To enroll type in the five digit numbers for:
    1. EDCI 505 Introduction to Online Teaching – 12593
    2. EDCI 506 – Online Instructional Design and Development I – 12594
    3. EDCI 507  -  Online Instructional Design and Development II – 12595
  5. After you have enrolled, email Shelley Houser at shouser@ksu.edu with your eID to remove instructor permission so you can complete the enrollment process
  6. You will receive an email from the Admissions office with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the enrollment process. This email will also include your Wildcat ID (WID).

Tuition: $2,250 (9 credit hours)

Scholarships Available

Pre-approved scholarships are available to qualified working professionals for the 9 credit hours and you will only pay $2,250 in tuition.

Apply for the Summer Online Teaching Workshop Scholarship

When you fill out and submit the application form above, as a working professional you are PRE-APPROVED and the scholarship will automatically be applied when you enroll.

For more information, please contact Cyndi Kuhn at cyndidk@ksu.edu.

  • Learn new resources and methods to keep students engaged.
  • Learn to create content and how to adapt it to the classroom online and in person.
  • Learn to design and structure your online digital classroom.
  • Learn tools, apps, and websites to create appealing course materials for students of all grade levels and content areas.
  • Learn how to create videos easily, professionally, and without expensive equipment.
  • Learn to deploy powerful technologies equitably.
  • Learn how to share materials digitally with ease and how to work with those who are without digital access/accessibility.
  • Learn about resources and methods to receive assignments, projects, and conduct evaluations.
  • Learn to transfer the basics of pedagogy and apply Marzano’s Pedagogy with Technology.


Does this count toward Professional Development hours?

Yes, if your district approves it.

Will these courses count toward a credential of any kind?

Participants can enroll in EDCI 508 – Practicum in Online Teaching during either the fall or spring semester and earn a K-12 Online Teaching Certificate. This experience will allow teachers to explore the skills learned in the workshop with support of one of our faculty members. As these courses are part of a certificate program, the nine hours earned cannot be applied to a masters degree at K-State.

What will the format be for the class?

Format will be both synchronous and asynchronous, but mostly asynchronous. Video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. will be used so we can communicate about what we are learning and doing.

Recommended internet connection?

You will need a fast, stable Internet connection.

What kind of technology will be needed to succeed?

An updated computer, this is critical – Mac, Windows, Chromebook, all will work.

What else might I need?

An updated iPad, tablet, or smartphone along with earbuds with a mic, will be a great asset. An open mind, a willingness to try new things, and to reflect and share with the others will help solidify the learning.

Are there any additional expenses?

We will try to function with mostly free resources, but there will be a few purchased resources.

What if I am using school-issued devices?

If you are using a school device, you will need the ability to install apps/software, browser add-ons/extensions, etc. Please speak with your tech department about lifting any restrictions before the class officially begins.

How does the credit work?

Technically this is a three course sequence, you will be enrolled in all 9 hours and it is continuous from June 8-July 16, 2020. It is 9 graduate credit hours this summer only that may be used for renewing your certificate, or professional development points, or moving over on the pay scale (district decisions).

How do I secure the scholarship money to help pay for the 9 credit hours?

Apply for the scholarship at: https://kstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_00SCArGEsr1XqYt

How will my scholarship be applied? How will I know I received my scholarship?

A scholarship will be immediately applied upon enrollment. You will see the total tuition due of $750 for each of the three courses. Your total tuition will be $750 x 3 courses = $2,250 total tuition.

What Learning Management System will we be using?

Canvas for the most part, however we will explore a variety of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Can this count toward my masters in Curriculum & Instruction at Kansas State University degree?

No, courses will not count toward a masters in Curriculum and Instruction at Kansas State University.

What about transcripts?

Transcripts are not required to apply as non-degree seeking courses.