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Social Studies Symposium

In the Spring of 2007, what would become the Center for Social Studies Education hosted its 1st Annual Social Studies Symposium. While starting small, it has grown to have over 40 participants on campus for a FREE day of professional development and networking.

8th Annual Social Studies Symposium

“Update on the State Assessment”
Don Gifford, KSDE Social Studies Specialist

“Authentic Simulations”
Brad Burenheide, KSU College of Education, Symposium Host

“Bringing the Past into the Present: An Introduction to Archives, Archival Research, and the Holdings of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library”
Chris Abraham, Archivist, Eisenhower Library and Museum

7th Annual Social Studies Symposium

The event was held Friday, May 3, 2013

6th Annual Social Studies Symposium

“Using Primary Sources to Teaching Controversial Issues in the Classroom"
Workshop participants will be introduced to educational programming and resources offered by the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. Featured will be a ready-to-use, hands-on lesson plan, which can be easily replicated in the secondary social studies classroom.  The lesson plan includes primary sources and interactive-learning strategies to teach one of the most significant chapters of American history and, in addition, one of the most contentious issues of public policy in the twentieth century—the racial integration of public schools. Workshop participants will depart with all the resources they need to introduce this material to their own students.
Eisenhower Library Staff, Abilene KS

Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka KS
Mary Madden, Virginia Wulfkuhle, and Marcia Fox

“A Research Update”
Dr. Brad Burenheide, Kansas State University

5th Annual Social Studies Symposium

“Civics Education Professional Development”
Dr. Tom Vontz, KSU COE and D. Clayton Lucas, Atchinson County Community HS

“What the Discovery Place Can Do for You”
Bob Workman, City of Manhattan

“Let’s Ramp Up Social Studies Education”
Dr. Brad Burenheide, KSU COE

4th Annual Social Studies Symposium

“Reading Strategies”
Dr. Laurie Curtis, KSU COE

“Comparing Political Ideas”
Dr. Tom Vontz, KSU COE

“Using Primary Sources”
Dr. Darla Mallein, Emporia State University
Ms. Amanda Mayhew, Augusta Middle School

“More Things I Have Learned”
Dr. Brad Burenheide, KSU COE

3rd Annual Social Studies Symposium

“Kansas History Day”
Dr. Kristin Mulready-Stone, KSU Dept. of History

“The Kansas Geographic Alliance”
Dr. John Harrington, KSU Dept. of Geography
Mrs. Judy Dollard, KGA

“What I Learned at NCSS and Elsewhere”
Dr. Brad Burenheide, KSU COE

“They Came to Fight: African Americans in WWI”
Tour of Exhibit Hall and Lecture
Dr. Pellom McDaniels, UMKC

2nd Annual Social Studies Symposium

“Integrating Social Studies and Language Arts”
Mrs. Jan Pope & Mrs. Alice King, Valley Heights High
Blue Rapids, KS

“Building Academic Vocabulary in Social Studies”
Mrs. Mickey Bogart, Instructor, KSU COE

“Introduction to Project Archaeology”
Dr. Lauren Ritterbush, KSU Arts and Sciences

“Using Kinesthetic Materials and Graphic Organizers”
Dr. Brad Burenheide, KSU COE

1st Annual Social Studies Symposium

“A Model for Integrating Geography and History”
Dr. M.J. Morgan, KSU Dept. of History

“The Upcoming Social Studies Assessment and Other Happenings in Kansas Social Studies”
Ms. Lynn Stanley, KSDE Social Studies Consultant

“Travel Opportunities in Social Studies”
Mrs. Terry Stahl, Logan Junior High, Topeka, KS

“Teaching Civics”
Dr. Tom Vontz, KSU College of Education

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Dr. Tom Vontz

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Dr. Brad Burenheide

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