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Previous Education Symposium Events

The College of Education hosts a student-lead professional development day called Education Symposium every year.

Education Symposium 2016 was held October 13, 2016 at the K-State Student Union. The theme was "Taking Teaching to the Next Level." Topics included agricultural education, special education, classroom management, LGBT issues in the classroom, student loan forgiveness, STEM, mental health issues in the classroom, what to expect in graduate school, parent communication, military perspectives on education, and laws and rules you need to be aware of as a teacher in Kansas.

Taking Teaching to the Next Level graphic with superhero

Education Symposium 2015 was held October 8, 2015 at the K-State Student Union. The theme was "Education on the Horizon." Topics included classroom expectations, virtual schools, inner city and poverty in schools, agriculture in the classroom, military affiliated teachers, military families,classroom management, LGBT issues in the classroom, teaching abroad, technology integration, and lesson planning.

Education on the Horizon 2015 Education Symposium logo

Education Symposium 2014 was held October 9, 2014 at the K-State Student Union. The theme was "Future Educators of Diverse Classrooms." Topics included English as a second language, graduate school, military families, lesson plans, school safety, extracurricular activities, and teaching in a private vs. public school.

Education Symposium 2014 logo

Education Symposium 2013 was held on October 10, 2013 at the K-State Student Union. The theme was "Teaching 101: Forming the Foundation." Topics included school budgets, assistive technology, resume/career building, coaching, overseas teaching, bullying, specialty schools, common core, grant writing, school safety, and social workers in the schools.

2013 Symposium logo

Education Symposium 2012 was held on October 12, 2012 at the K-State Student Union. The theme was "Brighter Minds, Brighter Future." Topics included ELL students, coaching, teaching overseas, art in the classroom, team teaching, military families, students with disabilities, and social workers in the school.

Education Symposium 2012 logo

Education Symposium 2011 was held on October 27, 2011 at the K-State Student Union. The theme was "The Future of YOU in Education." Topics included creativity in the classroom, budget cuts and how they are effecting education, lesson planning, teacher-student relationships, and identifying and working with hard to reach students.

Education Symposium 2011 logo