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Secondary Education

Secondary education is truly the best of both worlds. After earning a degree from an accredited and award-winning college, you can dedicate your professional expertise to a specific area of interest or talent, while helping students cultivate their passions in that same field.

Secondary education is a career in which you can realize the satisfaction of helping others while working in a supportive, educational setting that will constantly challenge you to grow and learn.

At K-State, secondary teachers prepare to teach in one or more of the following content fields:

(Please select the links below to see the Curriculum Guides for each area)

*Indicates collaborative licensure programs.

Pre-professional education

Required Courses
DED 075 Orientation to Teacher Education at KSU
FSHS 110 Introduction to Human Development
EDSEC 200 Teaching as a Career
EDSEC 230 Early Field Experience
EDSEC 310 Foundations of Education

Professional Program

DED 318 Education Technology for Teaching & Learning
EDSEC 405 Middle Level Education

Block I
EDCEP 315 Educational Psychology
EDSEC 376 Core Teaching Skills & Lab
EDSP 323 Exceptional Students in Secondary Schools

Block II
EDCEP 525 Interpersonal Relations in the Schools
EDSEC 455 Teaching in a Multicultural Society
EDSEC 477 Content Area Literacies and Diverse Learners
Methods Course for Secondary & Middle School
Practicum Course for Secondary & Middle School

Professional Semester
EDSEC 586 Teaching Internship in Secondary Schools

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