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Transfer Students

K-State offers programs, events and services for transfer students to help ease the transition to a new campus. Please see the K-State Admissions site for admissions requirements, transfer of credits, and other important information.

Official transcripts must be sent directly from previously attended colleges and universities. Hand-carried transcripts and transcripts sent by students are unofficial even though they may carry the college seal or signatures that are placed on official records.

Only one-half of the hours required for a K-State degree may be taken at a two-year college. Ninety hours from a four-year college or university can be transferred for a K-State degree. You must have a minimum of 30 hours in residence at K-State to receive a K-State degree. Also, 20 of the last 30 hours for the degree must be from K-State.

Once enrolled at K-State, students who want to take additional courses from another college or university and have the credits transferred to K-State, need to confer with their advisor.

To determine how courses from other colleges or universities may transfer to K-State, visit the K-State Transfer Equivalency webpage.

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