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College of Education

Program Coordinating Committee

The Program Coordinating Committee (PCC), a standing subcommittee of the College of Education Academic Affairs Committee, coordinates state and national accreditation and program review activities.

Program Representatives
  Adult EducationRoyce Ann Collins
  Educational LeadershipDonna Augustine-Shaw
  Special EducationAnn Knackendoffel
  Counseling EducationKen Hughey
  Curriculum and InstructionTodd Goodson
  Early Childhood EducationMary DeLuccie
Unit Subcommittee Chairs
  Conceptual FrameworkTom Vontz
  Standard 1Lotta Larson
  Standard 2Warren White
  Standard 3David Allen
  Standard 4Tonnie Martinez
  Standard 5Judy Hughey
  Standard 6Todd Goodson
  TechnologyCyndi Danner-Kuhn
Office of the Dean
  Chair and Assistant DeanPaul Burden
  Diversity CoordinatorAmanda Morales
  Director of AssessmentWarren White
  Director of Field ExperiencesDavid Allen
  Director of Student ServicesDavid Griffin
  Licensing OfficerDi Murphy


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