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Office of the Associate Dean for Research and External Funding

The Office of the Associate Dean for Research and External Funding is a catalyst for identifying opportunities, providing professional development for writing proposals, facilitating interdisciplinary projects, and working with campus-wide initiatives related to faculty research and external funding efforts. Our primary goals are to:

  1. Identify and disseminate potential funding sources
    • Search for and post relevant funding opportunities on the Current Funding Opportunity’s page
    • Send targeted emails to faculty with select funding opportunities aligning with their research goals.
    • Serve as liaison with external funding agencies.
    • Serve as liaison with the COE Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, K-State Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of Research Development.
    • Facilitate internal review for applicable limited funding opportunities.
    • Assist faculty to acquire seed funds for external funding such as University Small Research Grant (USRG) and Faculty Development Award (FDA).
  2. Build collaborative research teams
    • Assist in development of cross-departmental and cross-university collaborative teams.
    • Establish strategic partnerships.
    • Maintain web-based COE research profiles.
  3. Support development and submission of proposals
    • When possible, provide samples of successful proposals.
    • Provide consultation to help guide principal investigators (PIs) through the proposal submission process.
    • Review requests for proposals (RFPs) to assist with funding agency requirements.
    • Present suggestions for project design.
    • Develop budgets; coordinate sub-contract process if applicable.
    • Provide feedback on proposal drafts when sufficient time is allotted by PI.
    • Prepare supplemental materials and boilerplate text.
    • Provide editing, proofreading, and formatting services.
  4. Provide faculty professional development opportunities
    • Provide training and resources in areas such as research design, quantitative and qualitative analyses, research compliance, program evaluation and project management.
    • Assist faculty in meeting with funding agencies.
    • Meet with new faculty to support their efforts to pursue funding.
  5. Promote research communications
    • Sponsor Brown Bag Series research events.

Cindy Shuman, Acting Associate Dean and Executive Director, Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation
785-532-5765 | cshuman@k-state.edu

Morgan Jobe, Project/Program Coordinator
785-532-5765 | mmc21@k-state.edu