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STEM Institute

Welcome to the KSU and Manhattan-Ogden USD #383 STEM Institute partnership program website!

Manhattan-Ogden USD #383 and the College of Education partnered in 2011 to provide a STEM Summer Institute on the KSU campus. In June of 2011, the Institute gathered 169 6th–9th grade students, 20 USD #383 faculty and staff, 39 KSU pre-service students and staff to participate in STEM learning activities. Since 2011, STEM has experienced consistent growth in students, faculty, and partnerships. STEM 2014 opened enrollment to 5th grade students, which brought us to new levels of enrollment and enthusiasm. STEM 2015 showed a record enrollment of 349 5th–9th grade students.

Students participating in STEM enjoy a variety of field trips and experiences both on and off campus. Campus, community departments and agencies provide authentic learning experiences. For example, Riley County Police Department detectives create a crime scene each week for students to “process” as they learn about science, technology and skills involved in Crime Scene Investigations. Kansas STARBASE offer students a variety of topics with continued focus on robotics. STEM Summer Institute includes a field trip to Ft. Riley, featuring how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math connect to the military.

New topics in 2017 included Music Using STEM is Cool, which involved learning about sound waves, building an instrument and composing. Maker Space gave students the opportunity to create a project promoting recycling, innovation and skill building. Writing into the Vast Beyond introduced creative writing to use the imagination and inventive ideas of fiction.

Students are offered a variety of topics geared toward having fun while promoting interest in the STEM pathways. Topics include:

  • Hollywood Science, where students learn stop motion animation, the science of film making and animation.
  • 3D Printing allows students to engage in the latest printing technology. Students create and print a variety of objects.
  • Minecraft shows students how the world of engineering can be an everyday event.
  • Treasure Hunters uses critical thinking, while working in teams to solve STEM puzzles.
  • Vet Med lets students learn from veterinarians, participate in a dissection, and tour KSU facilities.
  • Drones gives hands-on navigating through an obstacle course, as well as including Sphero programming activities.

Courses from previous years provide an element of continuity to all students. Such courses include Rockin’ & Rollin’ Coasters, CSI, Monster Storms, Solar Construction, Grain and Bakery Science and Intro to Passive Architecture. As STEM Summer Institute prepares for summer 2018, the vision is to create opportunities for student growth in the continued areas of robotics, technology, aviation and the exciting addition of “A”! STEAM 2018 will enhance and open new avenues for learning.

We hope you'll explore this site to learn more about the program and the partnership that has helped make it all happen. We also encourage you to contact us to see how you can become involved.

STEM Learns Weather

The STEM Team

Lacee B. Sell
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Manhattan-Ogden USD #383

Dr. Lori Goodson
Assistant Professor and KSU STEM Coordinator
College of Education, Kansas State University

Larry Liotta, STEM Institute Principal
Deb Nauerth, STEM Institute Principal
Brett Nelson, STEM Institute Principal
Deborah Mohler, Parent Engagement Coordinator
Duke Harmon, Technology Coordinator
Kaylee Myers, KSU Instructor
Diane Daniel, STEM Administrative Assistant

Are you interested in helping provide this program to K-State preservice teachers and middle-school students for years to come?

For more information, contact:

Abel Frederic
KSU Foundation
Senior Director of Development

Dr. Lori Goodson
KSU STEM Institute Coordinator