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College of Education
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Chapter Advisors

Dr. Lori Goodson
347 Bluemont Hall

Dr. Suzanne Porath
208 Bluemont Hall


K-State KNEA-SP: Teacher Quality, Political Action, Community OutreachWelcome to Kansas State University's Kansas National Education Association – Student Program! 

The KNEA Student Program is a professional association for college students preparing to enter the education profession. KNEA-SP provides college students with assistance, benefits, and professional resources.

Join Online Today!

Click on the link above, then scroll down and complete the basic information -
it's that simple! (Membership runs from September 1 – August 31)

Student Program Membership Benefits

Why join as a student member? What does your $20 provide?
  • Professional Liability – NEA provides $1 million in legal services for professional liability and expert legal advice
  • Opportunity to Develop Leadership Skills – We invite members to share their talents and abilities, developing as school leaders
  • Dues Rebate After Graduation Receive a rebate of $20 off your first and second year regular NEA membership for EACH YEAR you were a Student Member!
  • Member Discount and Services – Get a KNEA Membership Access Card with discount coupons to many retail and food chains, car rentals, insurance, and many more allowing you to "earn back" your membership fee
  • Scholarships
  • Online Tools – Access online tools such as PRAXIS II PLT Online Study Guide
  • Publications  NEA Today and Tomorrow's Teachers (and Instructor Magazine if you join online)
  • Networking  Help finding your first job, comparing salaries and benefits, understanding your contract, etc.
  • Legislation and Lobbying Support public schools at the state and national level – STAY INFORMED!
KNEA-SP Spring 2016 event photoGet involved in our local
K-State Chapter!

Come meet others with similar professional interests, develop leadership skills, be a part of something bigger than yourself. Have fun while learning and being involved in student and related projects, teachers and schools.