A Walk in My Shoes: International Students

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an international student on campus?

This was the first A Walk in My Shoes documentary, depicting a glimpse into the lives and cultures of international doctoral students from five different countries – Angola, South Korea, India, Saudi Arabia and China. Their answers to select questions were videotaped and topics included the graduate students’ cultures, educational systems in their home countries, their experiences at K-State and advice for international students planning to come to K-State.

According to Kay Taylor, associate professor of curriculum and instruction, “We may be taking on a leadership role here because while there is information for international undergraduates, we couldn’t find much video content dedicated to international graduate students. What many Americans may not realize is that these are highly accomplished people who are often here on a strict timeline to complete their graduate studies. Some of them are expected to return to their home countries and begin work in a specific field." Taylor said she hopes this will start a trend where more disciplines will draw on the resources international graduate students bring to K-State.

Specific topics include:

  • Home country cultures

  • Home country educational systems

  • K-State experiences

  • Advice for international students planning on coming to K-State