Faculty Awards

The College of Education bestows awards of excellence to faculty members in academic advising, graduate faculty teaching, research, service, and undergraduate teaching.

Craig McGill

Congratulations to Craig McGill, recipient of the Fall 2023 Michael C. Holen Excellence in Research Award.

Beth Pesnell

Congratulation to Beth Pesnell, recipient of the Spring 2024 Michael C. Holen Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award.

Lotta Larson

Congratulations To Dr. Lotta Larson, recipient of the Spring 2023 Kathryn A. Holen Excellence in Advising Award!

Tonnie Martinez

Congratulations to Tonnie Martinez, recipient of the 2023 Commerce Bank and W.T. Kemper Foundation Undergraduate Outstanding Teacher Award!

Dustin Merritt

Congratulations to Dustin Meritt, recipient of the Fall 2022 Kathryn A. Holen Excellence in Service Award!


Kathryn A. Holen Excellence in Advising Award

Nominees demonstrate a significant commitment to advising. Examples of ways this commitment may be demonstrated:

  • excels in advising work with students
  • demonstrates a caring attitude toward students
  • fosters and encourages student growth and challenges students to excel
  • shows sensitivity to cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity
  • accessible to students
  • develops mentoring relationships (e.g., assists students in monitoring and evaluating their educational/professional progress)

Michael C. Holen Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award

Nominees demonstrate a significant commitment to graduate teaching activities. Examples of ways this commitment may be demonstrated:

  • Individual and collective faculty efforts to improve graduate teaching and student learning
  • Use of assessment results to improve teaching practices, curriculum development, and appropriate revisions
  • Use of innovative and effective forms of pedagogy
  • Commitment to extra curricular work with graduate students (e.g., mentoring, graduation, job placement)

Michael C. Holen Faculty Excellence in Research Award

Nominees must have demonstrated a significant commitment to research and grant writing activities. Examples of ways this commitment may be demonstrated:

  • Authorship/co-authorship of peer-reviewed published materials
  • Citations received for publications
  • Grants that support primary research or innovative instructional methods at the university
  • Initiating research or creative performance
  • Producing works related to the scholarly or creative activities or forms of digital scholarship
  • Collaboration with faculty at K-State or at other universities in significant research activities
  • Serving as a referee, editor, and/or reviewer

Kathryn A. Holen Excellence in Service Award

Nominations are based upon nominees' service to the professions. Service projects and activities are a critical component. Service may include:

  • Active participation in professional organizations at the international, national, state, or local community level
  • Active participation in university, college, and department, and student organization service activities

Commerce Bank and W. T. Kemper Foundation Undergraduate Outstanding Teaching Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize excellence in teaching performance in the undergraduate program and to provide an incentive to achieve that goal.

Four $2,500 awards are made each year for excellence in undergraduate teaching, one in the College of Arts and Sciences, and the other three rotated each year among six of the other colleges (Veterinary Medicine and Technology and Aviation are excluded), with three colleges making the awards one year and the other three the following year. The final selections for these awards are made at the college level and all teachers are eligible.

Nominations for the awards are solicited from students, faculty and administrators, and are to be submitted to the dean of the college in which the teacher is appointed. In order to be considered, the nominee must provide student evaluations from at least two but not more than three undergraduate classes that he or she has taught within the last three semesters.