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Welcome to the companion site for the eBook Journey to Refuge: Understanding Refugees, Exploring Trauma, and Best Practices for Newcomers and Schools, edited by Trina D. Harlow.

“If we all did something right where our two feet stand, collectively we might do something to help make the world a better place for the children, adolescents, and adults that call it home.”
Dr. Trina Harlow

One cannot work on a project like this refugee book and film without it having a profound effect on your thoughts and emotions, and that is simply because the subject is literally the thoughts and emotions of people – refugees – who have lost nearly everything and now try to find a new life here in Kansas and elsewhere in the various places they resettle. This book, and Refuge in the Heartland, the film it is a companion to, have the singular goal of expanding the knowledge base of teachers, other educators, and volunteers who work with newcomer students, especially refugee children and adolescents.

We wish to thank the many authors and contributors who came together from all over the world to help bring this book to fruition – world policy makers, refugees, UNHCR staff, refugee camp volunteers, scholars, biography and linguistic specialists, counselors, therapists, social justice experts, art teachers, ESOL teachers, university education professors, and global visionaries and experts in the field who are leading initiatives all over the world. It is our goal for the reader to learn more about this issue and apply that learning in the local school and community, wherever that local school may be. Through the personal and professional sharing of story and experience, the authors and contributors boldly lend their own story and voice to this world issue, as a collective body of knowledge to influence and affect education of real children, real adolescents, real teachers, real educators, and real schools… now doing their part to contribute to a global issue that affects us all.

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Recommended Citation: Harlow, Trina D., "Journey to Refuge: Understanding Refugees, Exploring Trauma, and Best Practices for Newcomers and Schools" (2019). NPP eBooks. 26.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


“This book is an absolute must for any educator or concerned community member situated within the world’s refugee reality. No one – anywhere – is currently exempt from the world’s refugee situation, and therefore, this book is relevant to all! Journey to Refuge is especially helpful to committed educators within the U.S. who are new to this reality, but also to long-term practitioners in the humanitarian and development fields. Refugees are displaced for more extended periods, and half of all refugee children are out of school. Education is, therefore, transformative in emergency and protracted refugee situations. Diverse, expert voices define key terms, introduce a legal framework that is crucial to understanding forced migration, and unpack trauma."

"The global refugee situation can feel so overwhelming that at times, people wonder how they could make a difference. Amid this reality, Journey to Refuge offers a path forward for anyone who wants to move beyond despair to action, with concrete tools. The book engages the reader beyond the pages with short video features and a full-length documentary for those who want to go deeper, or even deep dive into one of the greatest moral and practical challenges of this age. Regardless of where you are from – from Kansas to a refugee camp in Kenya – the reader feels compelled to act and be part of solutions in this unprecedented age of human displacement.”

– Jill Drzewiecki, Jesuit Refugee Services, Rome, Italy

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