Mathematics Education

Welcome to the Secondary Mathematics Education program at Kansas State University. We are excited you are interested in pursuing your teaching degree through the College of Education! We take great pride in preparing future teachers. Below are just a few highlights of our program that we want you to know:

  • Our program is unique because of the numerous field experiences throughout your time in the College of Education. These experiences will expose you to different student populations in both Middle and High School. This allows you to have a better understanding of what demographic you would like to teach after graduation.
  • You will be introduced to Mathematical methods that you may not have experienced as a K-12 student. While progressing through your degree you will be able to watch yourself transform from student to teacher, learning new things that will make you say “I wish I would have learned things this way in school!”.
  • The job market is wide open! There are more openings for math teachers than there are students preparing to become math teachers. We are regularly contacted by administrators with information on openings.
  • The support from your professors doesn’t end in the classroom. We support you from day one, through graduation, and well into your teaching career.

Curriculum Guide

Find out why mathematics education is for you!

Marcus Kidd
Assistant Director of Enrollment Management and Institutional Partnerships