Elementary Education Bachelor's Degree

This program is available on campus and through K-State Online.

The Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education is built on the mission of “preparing educators to be knowledgeable, ethical, caring decision makers for a diverse and changing world.” Elementary education provides a foundation of knowledge and skills for future P-6 teachers, including:

  • Instructional strategies

  • Techniques for planning, classroom management, diversity, discipline and assessment

  • Strategies to adjust instruction to meet the needs of all learners

Elementary education is a career in which you can find the satisfaction of helping children learn, work closely with other caring adults, be challenged by organizing information and communicating it to others, and contribute to the future of the world by educating tomorrow's leaders.

Minimum of 120 Hours Required
Licensure Grades P-6

Bachelor of Science in Education Curriculum

Candidates preparing to seek P-6 teacher licensure concentrate studies in three areas:

  • General Education
    Courses in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, mathematics, and biological, physical, and earth sciences will expand your world. A sound general education is especially important for elementary teachers who are called upon to teach every subject to children.

  • Professional Studies (Teacher Education)
    The professional portion of the program includes courses in educational psychology, foundations of education, instructional media, and the methods of teaching the many different subjects covered in elementary schools. Along with college classwork, you will observe and assist in the elementary schools, teach lessons you have planned, and discuss your experiences with other educators. The teaching internship (student teaching) takes place near the end of the program. With guidance and support from a cooperating teacher and a college supervisor, you will gradually assume responsibility for planning and teaching in an elementary school for a full semester or more.

  • Content Studies (Area of Concentration)
    The bachelor's degree in Elementary Education requires the completion of an area of concentration of 15 hours in addition to hours completed in the general education component of the degree. An area of concentration is a group of courses with related content, which will enhance teaching in the elementary classroom.



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