K-State Math Teacher Scholarship Program

The K-State Math Teacher Scholarship Program focuses on Kansas State University mathematics majors who want to become certified teachers. It is a collaborative effort between the Departments of Curriculum and Instruction and the Mathematics Department. It is designed to increase the supply of highly qualified middle and high school teachers (Grades 6-12) in mathematics and provide support systems for both pre-service and new math teachers. The effort is funded by the National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Scholarship Program.

Upon completion of the K-State Math Teacher Scholarship Program, scholarship recipients are required to teach two years in a high need school district for each year of scholarship received. A high need school district is defined as serving a high percentage of individuals from families with incomes below the poverty line, a high percentage of English language learners, and/or a high percentage of rural populations. High need school districts exist throughout the state making it possible for graduates to any region of the state upon graduation. We will place specific attention on preparing teachers for work in rural school districts and school districts in the southwest part of the state where the need is the greatest.

The K-State Math Teacher Scholarship Program will:

  1. Provide opportunities for freshmen and sophomores to work in informal mathematics education settings both on and off campus;

  2. Increase the number of undergraduate mathematics majors receiving licensure.

  3. Develop a pre-service seminar and in-service mentoring program to support the Noyce Scholars in their first two years of teaching;

  4. Strengthen relationships with high need districts throughout the state

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K-State Math Teacher Scholarship Program

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