Office of Global Education Outreach

Our Vision:

To grow, promote, and create global programs and opportunities for international educators to expand the internationalization efforts of the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, as well as support the efforts of the College of Education at large.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Global Education Outreach Office is to be the top provider of international programming to existing and future global partners by taking the vision of Kansas State University College of Education, "Preparing educators to be knowledgeable, ethical, caring decision makers for a diverse and changing world.", to the world.

Our mission will be fulfilled through:

  • International partnerships that will enhance College of Education Global Competence and its implications for education.
  • Collaboration, engagement, and delivery of high quality precollege, undergraduate, and graduate programs as well as customized professional development and continuing education programs that fulfill specific goals for the improvement of education in the partner countries.
  • Creation of a Global College of Education Alumni Network that will connect and expand our reach.
  • Contributing to the enrichment of campus culture through the inclusion of educators from across the globe that will enhance the development of globally competent professionals.

Our Faculty:

Mona MenkingMona Menking
216 Bluemont Hall | 270-991-8914

Eder Intriago-PalaciosÉder Intriago-Palacios, Teaching Assistant Professor


Nelofar KhamisaniNelofar Khamisani, Graduate Teaching Assistant
216 Bluemont Hall


Long LiLong Li, International GradCat
216 Bluemont Hall


Faud OlajuwonFuad Olajuwon, International GradCat

Taisha PryceTaishia Pryce, Graduate Teaching Assistant



Community Outreach

Amercian football with five Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabi faculty members

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