Field Experiences

MAT students will participate in two separate field experiences:

  • EDCI 800 – Teaching Practicum
    This practicum occurs during the fall semester from September to November and consists of a 10-12- week placement for a total of 64 hours.

    • In the elementary track, this course runs concurrently with EDCI 791 – Teaching Science and Mathematics in the Elementary School and EDCI 792 – Teaching Social Studies, Reading, and Literacy in the Elementary Schools.
    • In the secondary track, this course runs concurrently with your content methods classes. The practicum is designed to provide a field experience in which students apply the pedagogical knowledge developed through their content-specific methods classes. Therefore, the field experience should span several weeks as opposed to a shorter placement.
    • MAT students must plan to be away from their employment for 5-8 hours over two or three days each week to allow time in the assigned classroom/school building.
  • EDCI 801 – Internship in P-12 Schools
    This practicum is the capstone field experience for MAT students. This course begins in early January and consists of full day placement, Monday through Friday, for 12 weeks. During the student internship, all MAT students must be prepared to dedicate full attention to the program. Students assume all duties of a teacher and require adequate preparation time. The 12-week semester should be considered a full time position. The university recommends that activities outside the classroom be held to a minimum.

Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Dr. Thomas S. Vontz
Professor and Director

Eileen Wertzberger
Field Experiences Director

TJ Duntz 
MAT Academic Services Coordinator