Teaching and Learning Portfolio

To ensure that all MAT students possess the necessary knowledge and competencies for effective teaching, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction faculty adopted a final project system – the Teaching and Learning Portfolio. EDCI 890 provides a repository for your work throughout the MAT program. Assignments and videos can be saved in this course to use in the Final Project/Teaching and Learning Portfolio.

The portfolio requires students to demonstrate teaching competence and describe the ways the program has prepared you to be a wise, reflective, and effective teacher. Using the College of Education’s Conceptual Framework, the MAT emphasizes the following domains of learning:

  • The Learner and Learning
    • Entry 1: Learner Development
    • Entry 2: Learning Differences
    • Entry 3: Learning Environment
  • Content Knowledge
    • Entry 4: Content Knowledge
    • Entry 5: Application of Content
  • Instructional Practice
    • Entry 6: Assessment
    • Entry 7: Planning for Instruction
    • Entry 8: Instructional Strategies
  • Professional Responsibility
    • Entry 9: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice
    • Entry 10: Leadership and Collaboration
  • Education Research
    • Entry 11: Action Research Project

Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Dr. Thomas S. Vontz
Professor and Director

Eileen Wertzberger
Field Experiences Director

TJ Duntz 
MAT Academic Services Coordinator