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How to Build Relationships, Share Control, and Teach Positive Behaviors

September 14, 2022
Scott Ervin

Scott Ervin has worked with extremely difficult, at-risk, abused, and neglected kids for more than two decades. He has served as a principal, superintendent, and discipline specialist. Ervin has taught classroom management as an adjunct professor at Antioch University Midwest and as a visiting lecturer at Ohio University, University of Dayton, and Wright State University. He also writes a syndicated newspaper column, "Ask the Kid Whisperer."

Why should Pre-K-12 educators and administrators attend?

  • To learn 42 different interventions necessary to gently guide students towards positive behaviors without bribes, demands, or anger.
  • To learn how to teach positive behaviors through learning opportunities without losing instructional time and without giving undue attention to negative behaviors.


The Inner Life of the Professional Educator: Strategies for Surviving and Thriving

November 2 , 2022
Paul Bernabei and Kevin Brennan

Paul Bernabei and Kevin Brennan are former classroom teachers, directors of Top 20 Training, and authors of five books on human development and K-12 curriculum on social-emotional learning. They and their team have trained over a million educators throughout the United States and have conducted retreats for students and sessions for parents.

Why should K-12 educators and attend?

  • To gain strategies for becoming more mindful of an educator’s inner life and learn when thinking is working in best interestsand when it is not.
  • To identify how educators can get knocked off purpose andpractice strategies for staying on purpose and ultimately, betterserve their students and thrive.


Evolving Together: Updating our Educational Environments about American Indians in Schools

February 8 , 2023
Dr. Alex Red Corn

Dr. Alex Red Corn (Osage Nation), is executive director of the Kansas Association of Native American Education, an assistant professor of Educational Leadership, and coordinator for Indigenous partnerships in the College of Education at Kansas State University. He works with state departments, school districts and Indigenous communities and nations to help collaboratively build more appropriate learning environments for, about, and with American Indians.

Why should K-12 educators and attend?

  • To learn about the most recent developments as it relates to American Indian education.
  • To explore easy ways to update lesson and unit planning about (and with) American Indian communities.


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