A Walk in My Shoes Documentary Series

The College of Education developed the video series “A Walk in My Shoes” to create awareness about the diversity, the challenges, the opportunities and the benefits each student brings to campus. The moving documentaries are filled with students sharing their personal journeys to K-State… some of which started in small towns, while others started after tours of duty in the military. No matter the subject, the documentaries offer an authentic glimpse into these students' lives and allows educators and future educators the unprecedented opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes.

A Walk in My Shoes: Transitioning to Teaching(2022)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to change careers and return to the classroom as a teacher? This powerful series follows five committed career changers as they journey into the classroom after years of training and another profession. While each person comes from a diverse background of experiences, all of them answered the inner call to return and teach. From Pakistan, to Moores Island, from Texas to Kansas, each teacher brings a wealth of life experiences and training that make them unique to the world of teaching. Come and see this powerful series premiering on YouTube this fall.

A Walk in My Shoes: Student Teaching (2019)

Five preservice teachers document the challenges and triumphs of their student teaching apprenticeship. Their stories remind us that the road to becoming an effective teacher includes making mistakes and learning from trusted mentors.

A Walk in My Shoes: The First 9 Months (2017)

Five first-year teachers document the challenges and triumphs of their first nine months in the classroom. Their stories remind us that the heart of good teaching is in building relationships and learning from your experiences.

A Walk in My Shoes: Social Justice in Education (2016)

What does social justice in education mean? Five very different people from different backgrounds have different answers, but yet all were drawn to the field of education. From rural communities, military bases, cities, to Native American reservations, each has discovered a personal way to overcoming educational barriers and giving back to their communities and nations.

A Walk in My Shoes: First Generation College Students (2014)

In the third installment of the College of Education’s documentary series "A Walk in My Shoes," we decided to find out what would it be like to be the first in your family to navigate your way through the college experience. Over six months, we traveled to the hometowns of five current K-State students and three alumni who are not only the first in their families to graduate from college but are also in education. Their life stories of overcoming challenges, realizing their potential, and giving back are not only inspiring, but instill hope and provide examples for all students.

A Walk in My Shoes: Military Life (2013)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in the military, or be a military child or spouse? A decision to help preservice teachers better understand the needs of military-connected students grew into a documentary with campuswide, statewide and national implications.

A Walk in My Shoes: International Students (2012)

A documentary depicting a glimpse into the lives and cultures of international doctoral students from five different countries — Angola, South Korea, India, Saudi Arabia and China. Their answers to select questions were videotaped and topics included the graduate students’ cultures, educational systems in their home countries, their experiences at K-State and advice for international students planning to come to K-State.